In touch with your real life


As a graduate of Deborah King's LifeForce Energy Healing school, Aline Harmsen received a strong foundation for the healer she discovered she is.  She continued her training with several years of substantial and experiential studies and a great number of live workshops.



I provide energy healing sessions as well as insightful and practical coaching to take your life in the happiest direction.


I also organise events where you can see and experience how energy healing works.


Private sessions are generally given by distance with a detailed report and a follow-up communication by email or Zoom. Go to the "Contact Me" page to explain your request.

You can also express your interest in one of the events on Zoom, and later Live in Europe.

I love what I do

Feel free to contact me by email about your needs and concerns. I will give you my view and advice on possible next steps. My assistance will complement and support any other professional modality, including medical procedures.