recovering wisdom

Try out more often what you really feel.


Test your degree of fear to have a free understanding what is happening and what is needed. Are your actions and reactions aligned with what makes you human and dignified?


Many of us need to train ourselves back into a true knowing. Into feeling joy about our contribution to life on earth, our health, our children.


This joy is what you innately have. Technocracy is erasing it. Because of an expansion that is based on material success and control, massively repeated messages are used. Numbing us as though the creation of our own body, our own breath, our own voice, is now absorbed into a large field of artificial mechanisms.


So you need to take special care to tune into how infinitely individual you are. 

It becomes radical to recover how you are naturally infused with wisdom about your survival, your happiness, your expression.

In every area of your life.

You may go through disapproval and isolation. Yet you have no idea how some of your friends just long for that kind of courage. And how warm your connection may become just because there is more truth available.


You can support yourself by two important things.

One is meditation. It clears your inner channels and gives you access to yourself and to a true version of you that is in service of who we all are.

Second, use your discernment and become careful about who you want to listen to. Scrutinize people’s way of life behind what they are saying. 


Outstanding people and teachings may have so much truth and coherence that they are considered as controversial. Or impractical. Really? 

When you allow yourself to be radical, to be more rebel, don’t think you have to say everything out loud. Your inner being is a secret castle. It is privately funded.

Others however sense your inner strength. They feel safe in your presence. They connect with you through the heart.


That is how we evolve together.