If Women were to teach Men

My dear sisters, we have a lot of work to do.

We are liberating ourselves, learning to value who we are and remembering our sacred gifts. We don’t always realize that men are just as lost as we are and have received the wrong teachings for ages.

While we rediscover the true feminine we must also find the true masculine. The bare and unsophisticated simplicity of the male, hardly able to tell the kind of lies that women do. Not playing our kind of games. Often trapped in a profound unworthiness that expresses in jalousie, tortured rage, or cowardice.

They have to do their own inner work, but we women need to use our innate intelligence to never compare and never strive. We are learning how to share our wisdom with them. We may become stronger on the inside and that beauty is for sharing. We are learning to not just give it away. We develop the art of keeping the fine lines of our preciousness. We educate ourselves, our sisters, and our brothers.

Their masculine power will fulfill humanity’s need for protection and creation.

We want to find laughter together. Balance in nourishment and expansion.