17 guides have something to say


Your body and soul are wiser than your brain alone. 

Wiser than the brains of many doctors, scientists, business people and politicians.

So always start with connecting to yourself by meditating.

Best is to use a personal mantra or the word OM to stay centered and rested.

The goal of meditation is to come back to the simplicity of being whole.

Notice the flow of your energies as it wants to fill your whole being, from head to toe and back. Your consciousness is opening up in a vast field around you. That is all you need to be aware of.

Just repeat OM.

When you come back to your waking consciousness, know that everything in your body and mind is aligned to serve your health and well-being.



Once your meditation has become a faithful daily practice of 20 minutes, you are ready to observe your thoughts in terms of helpful or not helpful. Remember that your mind is a tool for you to be used intelligently.



When you have become the neutral observer of your thoughts, you may also start noticing your emotions and when or where they arise.

Your emotions can be very helpful to what you want to achieve, but again you need to be able to differentiate them.

A simple beginning of getting in touch with your emotional being is to keep a little journal for noting each emotion during the day.



As you move forward you will discover how your emotions are triggered - from within or from without.

Do they belong to your inner self or are they in fact someone else’s?

How were you taught to react to each of these emotions?



Emotions design your physical body - your body expresses them on all levels: your posture, your skin tone, your fluidity.

That is why knowing yourself means knowing your emotions. The first thing that others notice about you is your emotional state.

Emotions have a flavor, a texture, a density, a tone, a color to them. They are dark when the are stagnant and light when the are flowing freely.



Your life and vitality are nourished by light, air and earth. These vibrations make your functioning rather magical and especially unique.

You are a universe all in yourself, a reflection of the vast Universe. Hence there is no enemy from outside that can really do you harm. The Negative is there to teach you about your Light and Life and make it strong. If you choose to work together with the Creative forces, then health flows freely.

Connect to the light of the Sun, the open air, the creative power of Mother Earth as a base and an ongoing lesson.

Through this connection you dissipate all fear and will maintain trust.



When you observe community life, family, politics, influential leaders, stay open to the contrary of what is said as well. Continuously inform and educate yourself. And always remind yourself that you are your own best leader.

It is not what you believe, but what you TRUST.



We live in times where profit has been promoted to being a value.

Once you realize you have a choice what your personal values are, your inner flame will become stronger and you naturally take better care of yourself and even the community as a whole.



Now that a virus has been proclaimed to be a killer to us, you have a tremendous opportunity to search for truth on all levels.

First truth is, that fear makes you blind and paralyses you.

This is a very important place tot start. The awareness of fear makes you react. Behind all fear is a great longing.



We react to fear in different ways:

- We want to hide

- We start to identify with our fear and turn into being a victim, which may be highly supported in certain segments of our society

- We take our fear as a shield and, from behind it, throw out more fear to others

- We look for a way out of fear by finding protection that is fabricated by others

- We wait until the danger comes to affect us personally and in the meantime, we live on a back burner and weaken our vitality

- We accuse one or multiple causes of our fear and possibly contribute to division and hatred in ourselves and others

- We decide that we want to let go of fear and start by looking for a new door to open, very close to our own being

- To stay out of depression we take morning walks outside, whatever the climate

- We focus daily on providing real and living food for ourselves and our loved once. This is a much greater priority than we were taught to imagine.

- We educate ourselves on our immune system and start to understand what is a healthy gut and why it determines a healthy brain and nervous system

- By then we have become more honest about what causes us stress and find the courage to face it.



When you naturally understand that bacterias and viruses are a strong, wise and organic soil to our immune system, you stay away from synthetic  disinfectants and protect our children and our environment from ever using them, as they kill our natural defenses and are a poison to our health. Soap and water have since long ended infection caused by lack of hygiene. Also good to know that essential oils are powerfully anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Be in contact with pure soil and everything it produces as much as you can. Your body is made alike, from the same elemental material. We have more viruses and bacterias in our bodies than we have cells!



Welcome fever as the perfect functioning of your body. When infection and inflammation arrive as the first response of your body to defend your health, then high temperature is needed to kill the excess of virus or bacteria that cause the imbalance.

The habit of administering pills to bring the fever down seems to take away the inquietude of parents, or your own anxiety about something your body is doing by itself. And this is made into a guaranteed profit for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Don’t count on the average doctor or pharmacist to really inform you.

Unfortunately, when the natural process of fever neutralizing the viral balances in the body is interrupted, the organism cannot heal properly. Either the illness comes back, or worsens, or goes underground, causing longstanding fatigue of the patient.

Learning about the power of fever is very helpful and encouraging. It strengthens your capacity of care and trust. And deepens your gratitude for the intelligence of your body.



We are told to be in a planetary health crisis or sanitary crisis.

This is now our political reality and there is divers documentation and information about it to help you wrap your personal mind around that.

You may see that there is a difference between politically inspired viewpoints and true medical facts and coherence. As we all know, science today can be presented in any way that suits us. Independent doctors still exist but demand more effort and engagement to stay visible, also on your part.

If certain beliefs are repeated over and over, we all tend to resignation and forget what we knew naturally when we were still connected to our own curiosity about the best answers.



What a chance. You are invited to take your personal power back and reconnect to our planet in a deeper and more personalized way.

The more you feel hesitant or scared to free yourself from the current dictates, the clearer it becomes that you cannot stay like that, even if you feel safer to respect community expectations.

This is a very private and intimate awareness. 

All those reasons why you dealt with your fears in ways to follow the current logic, have to be acknowledged in your own loving heart.



Your integrity as a human being who feels an outstanding and precious contribution for humanity, needs time to strengthen. It is like your are incubating a new world order within your personal self. Only then can you be part of a future reality where greed and war don’t determine our lives anymore.

You are awakening to a brand new consciousness. ‘Unprecedented’ was the word our politicians used worldwide to lock us down. You know that all you long for is a totally new beginning. A brand new health. A brand new approach to health. A brand new start for nature. A brand new justice for all. That is what you are now tuning into. 

And while re-creating all that, you realize it has always been there already.



You will never know how much our planetary lockdown was orchestrated by the gods or by the dark forces. Because when you transform the mud into gold, divine alchemy rises above duality.



You come from centuries of domination and being dominated, which in today’s modern society you have learned to compensate and occult by consumerism whereas profit is our a paradigm. 

As humans we have to relearn to hold respect and embody gratitude and grace. Only then we become free and worthy of Creation and our heritage.