How I came here

I started working with people when I established a practice as a beauty and massage therapist. I studied natural medicine modalities and graduated as a holistic psychotherapist. In my personal life I was deeply affected by the outcome of my not bearing children. No medical procedure or natural therapy could change anything, and I just was not able to understand my life at all. I lived through divorce, separation and loss, then finally took refuge in the countryside. It felt like an ultimate choice to find roots and balance. I started to grow my own food. With the help of my wonderful dog I overcame my inner solitude. I even found a happy love life again. Gradually I connected to further studies through the internet and learned from remarkable teachers. This has been an amazing journey as I continued to heal my life on a deep level. And I discovered that energy healing is the fulfillment of my desire to feel the light and the music of life, and thereby to be of help and service.

full of expectation

Love for life and the sense of discovery took me a long way. But not everything is rose or red. I had to learn to like my own difference.

coming home

After the realities of life had hit me hard I needed air, wood, fire and earth. To make a home with a grateful soul. The smell of fresh leaves and a real stove. I finally found my base and from there I could even touch the stars.

present for you

Today you can count on me to respect your unique approach to life, your talents, your emotions, your health. You may look for encouragement, healing, revelation or simply acknowledgement. With the sessions I offer, you will find your personal track and pursue your journey with confidence.