The Fabric of Love

Love means: weaving a fine web of light.


Love is always in movement and we need to support it with our thoughts. Not losing the thread. Following the vibration that is just one tone beyond the lower sound.


So many shades of dark and such a dazzling amount of light…..


Knowing the light from the dark is a conscious decision. An active principle of where we focus.


More intensely than ever do we not know the outcome of where we choose to go.

But in this present moment, we can give ourselves the experience of choosing light over dark.


Our heart may not be congruent with our rational decision. Our fear may be tempting us to play it safe.


But we can intend to support the truth that lies within us, and still protect ourselves until we are ready to leap into the bigger space. Where a greater web of love is woven. Even if the threads are still more delicate, because of having a greater span. 


This time of year shows the gap between light and dark in more accentuated ways.

May it help us to know the difference even more strongly.

And dedicate ourselves to our expansion. Start to enjoy this uplifting feeling of respecting who we are. You and me and them and the others.

Accept separation when your own light needs to be strong.


The beginning of all life lies within you. In how you originated.

Make it light to see it clear.