Tarot cards add visibility to your life

Tarot is a roadmap that brings meaning to where we are. You will see your life in a broader perspective. Tarot provides understanding, hope and direction. There is a lot of wisdom and humour in Tarot that can really bring you back to yourself.

I use the ancient spread of the Celtic Cross. 10 cards to show where you come from, what your actual theme is, and what your ressources are to get to where you want to be.

After the cards are pulled I will send you a pdf with all the images and meanings.

A Tarot reading on distance when you receive the outcome as a PDF, the complete spread and all 10 cards pictured with explanation added, is priced 60 €. 

A Tarot reading as above plus a personal Zoom conversation after the reading is priced 90 €.

Both options can be ordered here.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle

You will find more information on this later on.