You need to understand yourself

In these times where there is a lot of confusion and fear. But one thing has become very clear: we need to know who we are.

I need to know who I am, and you need to know who YOU are.

And I don’t mean what opinion you have. 

Nor how you feel about yourself.

Or how you compare yourself to others.

Or how you react to the world we live in.

Or to what group or tribe you want to belong.


The confusion and fear are exactly about this. There is no liable authority outside of you anymore, unless you choose to live in a closed circuit and just want to look good on the outside.

It appears that today you are required to think for yourself. Even if you are blessed with a supportive friend or a welcoming community, it is clear that you need a vision of yourself. And that is a big job as we are collectively stepping out of lots of denial and cover-ups. In this realization of the old world not being such a safe and protective place, you need courage to discern the lies, corruption and betrayal that suddenly appear to be everywhere.

And the strongest courage comes from your heart.


First take care of yourself with love. Don’t fight with the outside world, neither aggressively nor in defense. Start noticing what is important for you. And make a difference between what brings you down and what makes your heart sing.

This sounds casual or simple. But it isn’t.

These are the first steps to purifying yourself, so that you can hear what is inside of you. And can see the truth of your Soul.

There is a lot of noise around that silences your own voice and your own music. You may even think that you just don’t have much music inside or that you are born to sing false.


One of the great openings today in the collective psychology is the awareness that we have been brought up to fit into the mould. Even if this mould was not mainstream, surely your education followed concepts that were applied to you. And guess what. Concepts like freedom or discipline could have opposite effects, depending on how precisely YOU are wired.

This is the time when it is essential to dedicate yourself to knowing who you are. 

There are 2 important reasons for that.


The first reason is, that if you made it into a human body it means you have great life force energy in all of your cells. You are a powerful and radiant being with an immense capacity for joy. If you don’t feel that every minute of your existence, then you are attuned to other resonances than your own. Great, because you keep alive and in motion by exchange and communication. That is what your senses are for. And naturally, everything is in place to process the events of life. 

You experience waves of sensations between fear and love, between flatness and passion. When you realize you are flat or full of anxiety, that is a new starting place for your personal and unique connection to life force energy. 

There is a lot of tragedy in this world on personal levels. You may cultivate neutrality, or you want to worry about others, or about the planet, but I suggest that you just tune in to yourself. Because if you reactivate your own capacity of knowing, of what is true for you and what is right for you, then the world instantly becomes a better place.


The second reason to be aware of your unique individuality, is because then you support the life of Humanity and our existence as part of planet Earth.

This is the true sense of «Organic». We are all part of natural unity and our cells have the same common origin. From that common nature, the myriads of cells of humans, animals, plants, oceans, skies and the earth itself have specialized into endless and limitless expressions. And are intrinsically interconnected and supportive to one another. We are the web of Creation.

When you suffer from division, be it on physical or spiritual levels, you want to go back to base. 

Because within yourself you are whole, you are perfect and you are strong. The best of you is the strongest contribution you may offer to the world.


There are many ways to honour the journey to know yourself.

Some practices are very down to earth, others ask a mental investment, and there is the more spiritual path. All imply a peeling off of the layers that you have adopted from childhood on and are still buying into - lifetimes of conditioning. It means a letting go of distortion through trauma. It asks for the courage to face being on your own. And at each corner turned you discover unbelievable joy.

It is your birthright to enter the universe of humour, fearlessness, connection!


You came here with a practical consciousness, like breathing and feeding yourself, and a Higher Consciousness.

Your higher consciousness is ethic. Is respectful of life. Higher consciousness sees the Light and the Shadow in yourself. And makes a difference.

Shadow wants to disrespect and damage the unfolding of love. Therefor, seeing and acknowledging evil is now on the forefront for each one of us. 

That is the work you are called to do today. To free yourself from being addicted to forces outside of your unique being. 

Little by little and step by step you unpack the power of your free will.