Personal Healing Session

You have an acute situation like a surgical intervention or an accident. 

You want to succeed at an exam or a job interview, but you are just a nervous wreck.

You are suffering a loss or a divorce.

You can't get over old pain or you have a chronic disease.

You are mad at your partner and don't know what to do.

You want more insight about how to approach your child.

You are stuck in a job situation.

You are afraid.

You don't sleep well or you have an eating disorder.

You don't know why you are here.

You want to know what your special talents are. 

You would like guidance as to what direction to take.

You don't understand what is happening.


This is what a personal healing session is for!

Sessions are always on distance.

You send in your request here and you will have my response within a day.

After we agree upon a time that we both would be available for the session you will receive my Paypal request of 75 €.

To support your experience of the session I will send you an additional message. You are free to react or ask further questions.