The real world is amazing

As we engage with the seasons and the generosity of the Earth, we are in total alignment with who we are.

We are instantly protected from being arrogant and thinking we can be in control.

We are naturally operating from free will.

Deeply knowing what we are made of, how we came into our earthly existence, helps us to stay open and to receive whatever we need to move forward.

I am experiencing these universal elements of truth in my vegetable garden.


When in April it was time to plant the potatoes, heavy rains kept pouring on the freshly labored soil. Instead of keeping the plants stocked uselessly and unfulfilled in the shed, I ventured out between the floods. I had to almost dance swiftly over the sticky soil to put the plants in place, finalizing with an extended tool to cover them up. During the weeks that followed it still rained so much that I had to leave the growing garden to itself. No weeding between the rows to keep the soil aired. Meanwhile, the growing was abundant. 


At the end of August it was time to harvest. The soil had become solid like rock because not kept loose by regular gardening. So I had to hit hard to break it open. Hopefully leaving the potatoes themselves unharmed. The hot sun intensified my labour.


And it was… amazing. Most of the ‘weeds’ that had grown were lovely flowers, in tender and bold colors. And many other treasures: spontaneous squashes, carrots, delicious chards… brought there with the winds and through the compost. I had to manoeuvre around them while digging up the potatoes.

Thus I spent almost the whole week cooperating with the imagination of Nature and negotiating the capacities of my body.

I decided to finish the first row and then have a rest. While I worked I listened to the birds and observed my own thoughts. The commitment made me swell with excitement. I instantly healed from being on my computer for hours. How lucky am I to be out on my land and become One with my own sustenance. Things fall into place.

After the first row I went inside lying on my sofa to recover. I prepared my iPod to support me during the second and next rows. So then I was to rest a little after each series of Bach’s immensely vitalizing harpsichord concerts. And my potatoes kept being uncovered.



The most important thing in life is connection. Realize your priorities and commit to them for your own sake.

Once you are into your life from the bottom up, you will find so many new ways to connect.

Especially between gardeners.