moving out of feeling trapped

When you feel unable to move forward, you can often list all the reasons why you are frustrated and stuck. 

It has a lot to do with people around you and their behavior. You honestly think that it is because of them you feel witheld and paralyzed with frustration. 

Some of these situations really look like a hopeless entanglement that has gotten worse over time and that you saw coming like a trap closing upon you. So now you are imprisoned and you can only think of screaming damage if you start to break free. 

You fear that you will hurt yourself and others much more. And that you may lose everything in irremediable ways.

I have been in these situations myself. Especially concerning relationships and family life. Not living in an expansive movement. Denying my personal unhappiness and keeping my consciousness as low as possible. After everything I learned throughout these experiences, I am honored to help my friends come to clarity. They often have a dramatic story to tell and feel powerless.


As you become aware that changes are terribly necessary you also need to see that you participated in creating the situation or that you avoided to admit the seriousness of it until it became this huge block on top of you.

Complicated as it seems, you wish you could just walk away.

I honestly think this is a thought to be considered. 

It may seem irresponsible to walk out, but allowing that feeling takes the pressure off. It opens new perspectives. Imagining being free can help make things clear. 

Detachment as though you are looking from a neutral observer’s place allows you to see the investment of all parties in keeping stuck. 

And you can start your own homework instead of fighting over the issues. 

Look into yourself with honesty and compassion.

You may want to cut unhealthy attachments first before you take the next action. 

It is very helpful to imagine what you would do if the other person or the unwanted situation was not there. You would stop complaining.

It gives you the time and space to clear out your own hidden agendas and untruthfulness.

Only then it will be ethically possible to make choices involving others.

Because from that moment on you start living by example and you will positively influence the whole situation.

You will have the great epiphany that respecting your own integrity makes you a fair partner to others as well.

Whether you separate for good or find new ways to journey together, the importance is to find gratitude for this opportunity to grow as a human being.