Energy Healing


Energy Healing looks beyond our material and physical experiences. 


We live our lives in the concrete and there may be unease, sense of missing something or someone, insecurity, fear, hurt, grief, illness. 

We want to know what this is about. We want to know what to do. 


Energy Healing brings help, support and clarity. 

Healing happens in the body and in the soul.


An Energy Healer actively uses intuition to sense what is behind the question. By tuning in and communicating with you on levels beyond the physical, the real issues come forward and answers are revealed. Blockages are lifted. Energy is invited to flow freely and your unique Life Force will be available to you. 


As a healer I work with wisdom, facts and tools. Like vision and sound, chakras, symbols or archetypes, character structures, the principles of ancient medicine and psychology.

Spirit, mind, heart, and hands.


Working on distance facilitates the intuitive process. Before and after the session, I communicate with you through email and sometimes phone or video.