Seeing Perfection

Awareness and understanding start in the present moment. The beauty you see or sense is a healing vibration. Just as the light makes the dark disappear, surrounding yourself with what reminds you of what you really long for, moves you toward health and fulfillment. 

How does this relate to your health

Technology can be perfect and even beautiful. But our body and soul are conceived from another source than from the mind. As its functioning is close to mystery, we must integrate what science has to say into a wholistic concept. First respect nature's laws, then add crutches such as pills and surgery. Interestingly, humanity has survived through profound knowledge of our synergy with nature, its plants, minerals and animals. We did not need chemical manipulations throughout our human history. It is only today that natural laws are pushed aside by politically supported and profit-based options. 


Your inner knowing may get overshadowed by the present societal influences. 

Most importantly, our inner authority is almost collectively given away to those that proclaim to know or appear to be more powerful than us. We hardly realize how we get out of alignment with our health. In truth you yourself are the only one who knows the prescription you would need. You are unique and what your body is going through touches you in a personal way. Tracing back within yourself what started to hurt you is the most important cure you can give yourself. And to open up to your body wisdom: the knowing that you are an organic pattern in the Universe that always wants to get back into harmony. 


The faster our communities are growing and the more our political organization gets complicated, less we can keep our personal heath focus. We can be hurt in direct ways like traffic crashes, relationship breakup, job loss... but also in insidious ways. Industrial food, manipulated agricultural production, pharmaceuticals that don't respect the body, we can make a long list of what is harming us and it demands a lot of effort to avoid the devastating effects on our bodies. But the strongest poison today is the message instilled by politicians and media that you need to have fear.


You may think that fear is an option when what you feel inside seems estranged. It may well be that you need to get back on track with yourself. And in finding what's true, you may find peace.


This is a very interesting time we live in. We are called back to really look inside and dig up our truth. Your integrity is what you are here to honor. Your body is exclusively yours and you want to totally catch up with the understanding of how it works. 

When we look from the perspective of perfection, we can have trust. That is a starting point for Life and Health.


When you decide to work with me, you will discover all this and much more on a personal basis.

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