Healers become Teachers

A healer is used to being private and discrete. Yet more and more people want to understand energy healing and even develop their own gifts and talents. With a devoted and gifted group of colleague students I had the chance to bring out, share and practice all that I knew and experienced. I couldn't imagine a better school to speak and act freely.


Revealing personal truth

Like many of us and for so many reasons I was hiding and denying what I really experienced in life. Yet acknowledging our personal truth is the only way to be vital and radiant. Truth brings inner freedom.

working with the invisible

I share fascinating teachings and powerful experiences of Energy Healing. I believe that everyone of us has the kind of incredible talents that touch other people's lives. And that we are able to heal ourselves and contribute to the healing of others.


Acting as a team


Vedran Vulicevic and Aline Harmsen have discovered they work well together as a team. Our skills and energies are strong and complementary. We are enthusiastic, humble and passionate about facilitating amazing changes to your health and wellbeing. You will become aware of spiritual openings that bring inspiration and balance.