Two powerful symbols, characterizing how our life plays out, have met high up in the skies. Saturn and Jupiter together mark the Winter Solstice and also the edge of a totally new era, as we moved out of Pisces into Aquarius. Even if you don’t have an astrological vibe, it is so clear to all of us that something different is going on. 


Saturn takes the role of the teacher, he represents our life lessons, and he offers structure to who we are. He is our moment in time, our confrontation with what we express and materialize. In a larger perspective, he symbolizes the authority we choose to respond to.

Jupiter’s mission is to bring enlightenment, radiance and visibility to what is expressed. He brings expansion to the ongoing situation.


Both planets have always been there and were recognized to remind humanity of natural laws and foundational values. Law and divinely inspired order to contain our lives and our world, and expansion to honor the radiance and the full expression of all life. The ongoing creation of the Universe is supported and maintained by the gossamer web of light bodies.


So now we are looking ourselves and our societies, our civilization and our planet straight in the face. What have we constructed and what values are we honoring. Because this determines where we are heading.

It is like suddenly we become aware that we have a choice. Where do we want to go?


Recent events on a planetary scale have brought to exposure how our systems operate and all the cracks are becoming visible. Untruthfulness and injustice start to ache. What is unprecedented, is that we are now, each one of us, touched on a personal and intimate level. Hardly anyone can sneak out of it.


We begin to understand that we cannot just wait until it is over.

We may not even be saved by modern medicine. Or would it be our future to stay on vaccines and medical aids eternally? Desperately running away from a beast that inevitably is going to catch us in the end?


We also begin to understand that choosing our camp, and treating the other party as conspiracists, will not save our skin.

And that in the meantime, human suffering is rampant and destruction becomes dramatic.


We begin to understand that we have to turn inside to find our personal resources. That maybe we have to start feeling the strength that our bodies represent. The infinite wisdom of our survival, physically and spiritually.


Because yes, our material structure, our body, is challenged. We begin to see that if we don’t trust health as opposed to becoming sick, we are walking an ever weakening path with ourselves.


And what is it that we believe about our lifetime on earth. Shall we be proud of our mind-blowing inventions and the direction that science wants to take? Can we still move away from the dictatorship of money and greed? We are liking so many modern goodies and our world has become filled with super interesting possibilities that we can play with, that serve us to open our minds - but who is watching over us? Aren’t we also exposed to being taken over? How come we feel so powerless to do something about cancer, plastics, injustice - you fill in what is bothering you and what you feel is not right. 

How come we are largely distracting ourselves through spending money on what is taking humanity to a disaster?


This crisis is about how you and I are using our personal power. 

Do you give it to your government like it used to be? 

Do you give it to whomever claims to know the correct answer and the final solution?

Who is your authority, your caregiver, your inner parent?



This end of year, this Christmas 2020, is a quiet and still invitation to be with yourself and with just a few of your close people. It is a new and precious beginning of knowing your own truth. Of aligning with your personal body, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs. And to surrender. Start where you are. Start from your own essence and your gratitude to be alive.

Start to realize that what you intuitively know matters more than anything else in the world. Your gut tells you what really moves you. What is true for you, is your strength. Aligning with yourself is being your own shining star and your compass to navigate your life. 


When you are more deeply connected to your own worth, you will be stronger to open your mind to what is really going on around you, to use your discernment, to find your courage.

Because that is what you are invited to do. You are meant to participate in our future.