Between Fear and Certainty

We are so challenged these days. No matter which perspective we take or in which direction we look, our belief and quietude never last long.

There are these narratives that remind us to be afraid.

On top of those, there is the relentless nudging of a one-way and only solution that will free us from being paralyzed with caution.

When we try to have a personal and independent judgement, or doubt the solution that is offered, a long struggle tells us that we need a personal transformation.


Do you recognize this?

Are you often waking up from what you thought you knew?

Are you feeling so frustrated that you just want to hide into something?


We are on a crossroads.

It is time to remember that we can always make an empowering choice.

What does that mean?


Trust your health. Act upon it and seek support. There is a lot of sound education available to sort out what you already knew deep inside. Your health choices are personal, you don’t always fit into someone else’s prescription. It may be an exploration of a life time, intrinsically part of you, and very meaningful.

When you stop betraying yourself through eating trash, believing in pills, hoping for liberating injections, or blocking your movement and your openness of spirit, a strong new wave comes in. A wave that amazingly clears your emotions. Bringing in joy and the return of great common sense. The confirmation that moving towards health is all that your body wants and is perfectly capable of. 


Your health is also intimately related to your senses, like touch and taste and smell. They provide the information to your cells that keeps them in renewal and refreshment.


The human approach is overruled today. Technocracy has become the mainstream religion. Are you able to find your way back to who you essentially are?

What kind of DNA do you value?

How would you protect our biological history as humans, and the inspired creation of your personal body?


Learn to value your body’s responses. Your body is your home: you live in it. You better trust it the way it was designed. That is how you become wise about yourself. And Energy Healing is not just helpful for someone else. It is for you.


Fear. True fear has nothing to do with the anxiety that runs like a contagious disease. Fear is a gift from your organic system to connect with your strongest self.

It is an invitation to come out as the best version of who you are.


Because when you stand straight and breathe deeply, when you feel your heartbeat, when you send oxygen to your brain, you see how your enemies back away.

This is how you support your discernment.


Practice disconnection from moral pressures. Even if they come from people close to you. The world is not a better place when we all mimic each other.

Support yourself by tuning in to silence, to the music of the spheres, to the coloring of the rising sun.


Dare to be personal. Become a beacon of light for another. Even if you are just one tiny step ahead.


You are the new human. One who is sovereign and nobody’s slave.

Level up to your perfect blueprint.

That is why you are here.