Listening to your heart

The air is filled with longing and nuances of fear. The earth beneath our feet carries impatience, mingled with frustration. Our head may be focussed on the need to control, to watch out, to find solution.
There is one true place where we can live with ourselves. That is in  the heart.
An open heart. The power to interact with the world from the heart. 
To see with the eyes of the heart.
Our heart is such a mighty place. It calibrates the energies of Heaven and Earth. It is creative to the highest point, because it ensures our life force and makes peace with our shadows.
Our heart is far more intelligent than our brain and our gut together. 
And it is also the most sensitive in terms of giving and receiving. 
We’d better take good care of our heart. Just by asking it many times a day what it says. 
If we let our mind take our decisions, we go on a path that leads us away from creation.
There is nothing that escapes from the wisdom of our heart. And it is such a grand space to embrace our feelings.
We learn to respect a heart that carries grief. And to clear stale emotions like resentment.
So let’s create the best conditions for our heart to be open.
We need a place to live, a place to go, where we feel nourished and where we can relax. A focus that awakens our senses. 
Beauty to the eyes, to the ears.
Smells and touch that caress, exalt, or comfort us. 
Pure air to breathe that expels our fears.
We want to go for it and be ready for Spring to happen.
People surrounding us who match the vibrations of our heart - even through books or letters or music or videos, even in memories - make us feel so much stronger.
They make us feel valued. They support our dreams.
Such a vibrant heart frees us from the need to control others or count on those who are influencing us for their own interests. You will find what is true for you and what really matters for humanity.
The more we become one with our own heart, the more we find courage. That is so wonderful about it.
If you are not sure to be lovable, put your hands on your heart. And allow forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude to infuse your being.
That is the new meditation… not to silence your mind, but to listen to your heart.